Tempelhof in the Ficksburg district was the first farm in South Africa’s History (1952), where ground conservation was scientifically applied. The Owner at that stage, Mr. Frans van Niekerk realized that erosion was deteriorating his farm.
He started making contour lines with the help of oxen.

Tempelhof became a model farm. Many visitors came to see the groundbreaking control of erosion in
South Africa. The Van Niekerk family was also known as the “groenkruis” (green cross) family.The first homestead on Tempelhof was destroyed by a fire. In that same year a new homestead was built. The life-story of Tempelhof and it's inhabitants was broadcast on the “SAUK Afrikaans Radio Station”in 1952.

The Farm was bought by the present owners, Mr.Christo Stoffberg and his Wife Ansie Stoffberg in 1997. It is a historical farm with a breath taking view. The farm is approximately 230 hectares. Soon after they decided to convert it into a Guest & Game Farm.

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